Lash Tweezer & Crimper

Smiink is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to their range – the Smiink Professional Lash Tweezer and Crimper.

The only tool you’ll need for perfect lash placement and correct adhesion every time has arrived in Australia, thanks to false eyelash specialists, Smiink - Smile & Wink Bar.

What makes this 100% stainless steel tweezer stand out from the crowd is that you can use it to crimp the false lash to the natural lash to create a seamless curve, and the unique silicon tip is brilliant for adjusting and adhesion of the lash immediately after application.

The silicon tip (plus 2 extra tips) is an invaluable addition to the regular tweezer because it can be used safely in so many ways: to wipe away any residual glue, to apply pressure to the lash against the skin for seconds for initial adhesion, to apply a tiny amount of glue to silicon tip and bring it to the lash already on the eye safely to finalise adhesion of lash. The tip can be sterilised and glue is easily wiped away.

According to Dale, Dorning, Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist, “smiink Professional Lash Tweezer & Crimper gives expert and seamless placement every time”.